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Why Restore My Dream?

Restore My Dream is a successful Financial Services Company with its National Customer Service department in Dallas, TX. We chose the state of Texas to be the customer service center for Restore My Dream, due to the favorable economy, mainly the housing and the job market. Everything is big in Texas. Consumers get bigger houses for lesser money. Texas has a steady job market harboring corporate offices of some of the biggest Corporations. This makes housing affordable to many. That having been said, RMD works with clients from across the nation.

RMD has been growing tremendously for the past decade, and we pride our growth in helping the consumer. The last real estate bubble and the crash of the stock market were unfortunate happenings that no company would wish upon anyone. Many consumers lost their homes and their life time savings. Americans had their American Dreams shattered! Maybe you were just an unfortunate victim of Identity Fraud, the fastest growing crime in America, and that left you in an unacceptable financial position. Maybe you went through a rough divorce that left you financially upside down. There are numerous reasons that can lead to financial instability. Restore My Dream is your friend in need. We will guide and educate consumers on how to turn that bad experience back into the best lifetime experience, through our numerous Financial Services.

Sometimes something good comes out of the bad. After the horrible recession, interest rates went down to their record lowest. This became the best time to borrow money for anything that you ever dreamt of. However, at the same time, Lenders tightened up their underwriting requirements, and that does not make the borrowing easy. The consumers who will get to enjoy the benefit of the low rates are those consumers who choose to go through our Total Financial Makeover program, and that is what Restore My Dream is all about! RMD wants every consumer to have a successful first attempt or second chance in buying or refinancing a house, a car, or anything on your wish list that requires a Lender. Our program will also qualify you for low interest rates on important things like student loans, insurance, credit cards, and retail. Good Jobs now also require you to take care of any financial dent on you before they can offer you that good job!

RMD will turn you into a hot commodity in demand in the face of Lenders.